iPhone Photo library crash – a short How To

Today moving of pictures from iPhone to backup directory to harddisk was scheduled. Directory is synced back so photos will remain on iPhone for later use.

But this time iTunes reports an „Unknown Error (-39)“ while syncing picture. Damn.

Cause this had never happens before just called prefered search engine and found an entry about this problem while syncing an iPod which describes that some files may be corrupt … currupt?

Shit happens.

So just started a new try but same result.

Maybe the iPhone knows which photo is damaged. Opened Photo Library. Last opened photo was shown … brooding … switched back to photo library and:

Photo Library

Holy shit. WFT. @#!!!

Reset iPhone (hold home and standby button until Apple-Logo appears) and wait.

Wait a while longer.

iPhone reboots. Switch to photo library. Still no change. Damn.

Brain 1.0. Need help!

Homie. You are the man. Go on!

Back to iTunes. Open sync options for photos and switch off. (Don’t forget to hit Apply).

Back to iPhone Photo Library and no change. Damn-sqared.

Back to iTunes and repeat.

Back to iPhone and … something is going on: „Initializing media library“.

Ok so far. Photo Library is gone now.

Back to iTunes and turned on photo sync. Hit Apply and wait.

Back to iPhoen and: „Initializing media library“. Yeah. Go on!

And surprise. Photo library at her glance:

Photo Library

Getting down the pulse. Seems that a bug report for apple appeared in my todo.

German version is here.

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